• space_shuttle
    Why your otherwise smart professor is a socialist
    Posted in: Economics, Education, Taxation

    I saw a video the other day from the American Enterprise Institute about the morality of capitalism. Capitalism, to paraphrase, clears access to the satisfaction that comes from achieving something. Being given the same thing brings us far less happiness. Government, then, takes something from someone to whom it brings a lot of joy and […]

  • The Sage of Omaha
    Governor Stupid: “Warren Buffett should write a check and shut up”
    Posted in: Economics, Environment, Taxation

    In response to Warren Buffet’s revelation that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, Chris Christie said that Buffet should “just write a check and shut up.” That is, if Buffett wants to pay more taxes, he can. What Christie resents is that Warren Buffett wants to force others to pay more taxes to support his favorite programs. Liberals, including thisweekinstupid, disagree.

  • landscaping_crop
    Appendix: Public Goods
    Posted in: #BecauseMath, Appendix, Economics, Taxation

    When it comes to public goods, a little math goes a long way toward appreciating that opinions about public spending are a continuum and that pretending the market is always right (or always wrong) has real consequences.

  • Greed is Good
    Selfishness is Good
    Posted in: Economics, Morality

    The wish at the heart of modern conservatism is that selfishness, in the end, will turn out to be altruism–that, when the score is all tallied, the best thing we can do for the poor is to stick it to them just as hard as we can.

  • AtlasAndKids
    Appendix: Galt-ifying public goods
    Posted in: Appendix, Economics

    Too often our political discussion never gets past witty platitudes and applause lines. When we say, “private markets are more efficient,” it’s important to specify, even with a crude estimate, just how much more efficient. Liberals should not pretend that factor is 1, but conservatives should not pretend it’s infinite. And, we should recognize that neither private nor public production is the right solution for all good in all markets. Math matters.