• potogold
    Inversions and Rick Santorum
    Posted in: Class, Taxation

    There’s been a recent rise in a tax-saving gimmick called “inversions.” An inversion is the purchase of a small international company by a large US-based company in order to transfer profits to another country with lower corporate taxes. After buying a smaller company based in a low-tax country, the large US-based company transfers patent ownership […]

  • facepalm-Charlie-Brown
    Unintended consequences
    Posted in: Economics, Foreign Policy, Philosophy

    To avoid “unintended consequences,” Republicans prefer to advance ideas which are manifest bullshit from the get-go. If I can’t rule out that a policy will give different results than the ones I intended, the best policy, they seem to argue, is to pursue nonsensical or even Machievellian goals, hoping to stumble into good results. Take, for example, this circa 2003 Republican policy proposal.

  • Wallace
    Can people change?
    Posted in: Faith, Race

    A nation that takes such pride in its Christian foundations, should rejoice at these stories of redemption and should emulate the example, especially of Governor Wallace, in admitting and seeking to rectify our mistakes at both a personal and a national level.

  • leap-of-faith
    Posted in: Faith

      I love you, but your incessant atheo-splaining is┬átiresome. I’ve been watching a bit of Bill Maher recently. I appreciate his wit when it comes to things like fiscal policy.┬áBut, like a junky, he can’t help but return to his true favorite compulsion–bagging on God. I’m not opposed to a sensible, respectful discussion of the […]

  • flag2
    On Exceptionalism
    Posted in: America, Morality

    My children are exceptional. They just are. I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear that. I will always choose them over your children. You should get used to that. My children are exceptional in that I am prepared to work and sacrifice that they may become amazing people. But no matter what kind of […]

  • James Mercer isn't really dead.
    Tax the Dead!
    Posted in: Economics, Taxation

    Inheritance tax is, by far, my favorite tax. If you concede that there’s any reason for government spending, spending the money of people who don’t eat, work, spend money, recreate or procreate is the best scenario of all. Which is why I was surprised to read un-stupid Harvard economist Greg Mankiw defending massive inheritance in the New York Times.

  • space_shuttle
    Why your otherwise smart professor is a socialist
    Posted in: Economics, Education, Taxation

    I saw a video the other day from the American Enterprise Institute about the morality of capitalism. Capitalism, to paraphrase, clears access to the satisfaction that comes from achieving something. Being given the same thing brings us far less happiness. Government, then, takes something from someone to whom it brings a lot of joy and […]

  • guantanamo-645x325
    We treat (insert hated group here) better than our veterans!
    Posted in: Health Care, Immigration, Terrorism

    ThisWeekInStupid is not a pacifist site. We believe a great country often needs defending. But, if there were a nation less than 100 miles from the United States that captured and held young men, charged them with no crime, allowed them no representation, tortured them and gave no timeline for ever releasing them, wouldn’t our great nation be inclined to intervene? Even at the cost of American lives?