• ObamaMorehouse
    No lecture for the white guys
    Posted in: America, Race

    When unemployed factory workers blame “Obama’s NAFTA” and vote for Trump, it’s not complaining or shirking their personal responsibility. It’s making America great again!

  • WhitePrivilegeTshirt
    Unstrange bedfellows
    Posted in: America, Class, Gender, Race

    The key to understanding the big, peculiar circus that is the GOP is the concept that inspires the most eye-rolling from them. The connection between the “where’s the fence!” wing and the “taxation is theft!” wing of the GOP is privilege

  • elephants_in_chains
    All those things you hope the GOP will do? They can’t do them
    Posted in: America, Economics, Obama, Taxation

    Ben Howe says today’s GOP is different from GOP circa 2006–that we should stop holding the budget-busting, war-mongering actions of Bush-era Republicans against today’s fiscally responsible, TEA party Republicans. This is not your father’s GOP. This idea is getting some traction. There is some wishful thinking out there that this time your vote for Republicans […]

  • flag2
    On Exceptionalism
    Posted in: America, Morality

    My children are exceptional. They just are. I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear that. I will always choose them over your children. You should get used to that. My children are exceptional in that I am prepared to work and sacrifice that they may become amazing people. But no matter what kind of […]