• WhitePrivilegeTshirt
    Unstrange bedfellows
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    The key to understanding the big, peculiar circus that is the GOP is the concept that inspires the most eye-rolling from them. The connection between the “where’s the fence!” wing and the “taxation is theft!” wing of the GOP is privilege

  • MiaLove
    Mia Love boldly goes where only 26 Black women have gone before
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    The Republicans are in the middle of an orgy of self-congratulation having just elected the first ever female Black Republican to Congress. Mia Love, newly elected representative of Utah’s 4th district, narrowly defeated Doug Owens on Tuesday. In that race, she outspent her opponent 7 to 1, having garnered millions of dollars’ worth of support […]

  • tuckercarlson_300x375
    Check My Privilege? What privilege?
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    As a former college Republican myself, I had great sympathy for Tal Fortgang, Princeton student conservative, Fox News guest, and author of Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White, Male Privilege. I could hear myself saying some of those same things. And I ached with embarrassment. And so for his good and for mine, I’m […]

  • obama_sotomayor
    That’s Reverse Discrimination!
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    Perhaps the best reaction to accusations of reverse discrimination is “so, what?”. White men oppressed and enslaved the world for a thousand years. Would it really all come crashing down if Latinas had a leg up for a few decades?