• WhitePrivilegeTshirt
    Unstrange bedfellows
    Posted in: America, Class, Gender, Race

    The key to understanding the big, peculiar circus that is the GOP is the concept that inspires the most eye-rolling from them. The connection between the “where’s the fence!” wing and the “taxation is theft!” wing of the GOP is privilege

  • potogold
    Inversions and Rick Santorum
    Posted in: Class, Taxation

    There’s been a recent rise in a tax-saving gimmick called “inversions.” An inversion is the purchase of a small international company by a large US-based company in order to transfer profits to another country with lower corporate taxes. After buying a smaller company based in a low-tax country, the large US-based company transfers patent ownership […]

  • tuckercarlson_300x375
    Check My Privilege? What privilege?
    Posted in: Class, Education, Gender, Race

    As a former college Republican myself, I had great sympathy for Tal Fortgang, Princeton student conservative, Fox News guest, and author of Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White, Male Privilege. I could hear myself saying some of those same things. And I ached with embarrassment. And so for his good and for mine, I’m […]