• BernieSidewaysGlance
    TWIS: Bernie Sanders is no Socialist!
    Posted in: Elections, Taxation

    The knives have come out. George Will has exposed the dark secrets we knew had to be lurking in Bernie Sanders’ closet. Here’s his attack piece in National Review. As an hoers d’ouevre, Will accuses Bernie of caucusing with Democrats (gasp!). And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s apparently not even a good enough […]

  • elephants_in_chains
    All those things you hope the GOP will do? They can’t do them
    Posted in: America, Economics, Obama, Taxation

    Ben Howe says today’s GOP is different from GOP circa 2006–that we should stop holding the budget-busting, war-mongering actions of Bush-era Republicans against today’s fiscally responsible, TEA party Republicans. This is not your father’s GOP. This idea is getting some traction. There is some wishful thinking out there that this time your vote for Republicans […]

  • AA033265
    Tax those corporations?
    Posted in: Taxation

    The Left is excited about this idea. Corporate taxes used to generate a much larger share of taxes, but since the 1980s, corporations pay only about 10% of taxes. To the liberal mind, this is inexcusable. This is what liberals thinks corporations look like. Finding and taxing that guy is a notoriously hard problem. But, taxing corporations is not […]

  • YoungReagan
    This Week In Stupid: Electing Republicans shrinks the government
    Posted in: Economics, Taxation

    In 2003, I was a Republican and yet the idea of the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the Presidency made my blood run cold. At that time, George W. Bush had inherited a budget surplus. Liberals are fond of pointing this out claiming it as proof of the efficacy of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, but […]

  • potogold
    Inversions and Rick Santorum
    Posted in: Class, Taxation

    There’s been a recent rise in a tax-saving gimmick called “inversions.” An inversion is the purchase of a small international company by a large US-based company in order to transfer profits to another country with lower corporate taxes. After buying a smaller company based in a low-tax country, the large US-based company transfers patent ownership […]

  • James Mercer isn't really dead.
    Tax the Dead!
    Posted in: Economics, Taxation

    Inheritance tax is, by far, my favorite tax. If you concede that there’s any reason for government spending, spending the money of people who don’t eat, work, spend money, recreate or procreate is the best scenario of all. Which is why I was surprised to read un-stupid Harvard economist Greg Mankiw defending massive inheritance in the New York Times.

  • space_shuttle
    Why your otherwise smart professor is a socialist
    Posted in: Economics, Education, Taxation

    I saw a video the other day from the American Enterprise Institute about the morality of capitalism. Capitalism, to paraphrase, clears access to the satisfaction that comes from achieving something. Being given the same thing brings us far less happiness. Government, then, takes something from someone to whom it brings a lot of joy and […]