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    Beyond the “race card”
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    Charles Blow recently had some terrific things to say about race in the New York Times. In summary, people should stop “playing the ‘race card’ card”–trying to shut down dialogue about race because they see it as a facade for excuse-making. While it can’t be disproved that someone, somewhere deflected legitimate criticism by accusing her […]

  • MinWagePlot2
    A non-economist examines the minimum wage
    Posted in: #BecauseMath, Economics, Unemployment

    There are no economists at ThisWeekInStupid. But, that’s not going to stop us from weighing in any more than it stops economic ignoramuses like Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders or Peter Schiff. Recently, we penned a piece opposing a minimum wage hike, or at least suggesting that there were plenty of other ways to help minimum […]

  • MiaLove
    Mia Love boldly goes where only 26 Black women have gone before
    Posted in: Elections, Gender, Race

    The Republicans are in the middle of an orgy of self-congratulation having just elected the first ever female Black Republican to Congress. Mia Love, newly elected representative of Utah’s 4th district, narrowly defeated Doug Owens on Tuesday. In that race, she outspent her opponent 7 to 1, having garnered millions of dollars’ worth of support […]

  • VoterFraud
    Is Voter Fraud a Good Investment?
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    Today, we’re indulging a conservative fantasy. Let’s examine what it would take to swing the 2012 election with fraudulent votes. The vote in Florida came down to 78,000 votes–a fairly narrow margin. If I were the Obama campaign looking to steal the election, that’s the easiest state to flip. Now, the problem is that penalties […]

  • elephants_in_chains
    All those things you hope the GOP will do? They can’t do them
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    Ben Howe says today’s GOP is different from GOP circa 2006–that we should stop holding the budget-busting, war-mongering actions of Bush-era Republicans against today’s fiscally responsible, TEA party Republicans. This is not your father’s GOP. This idea is getting some traction. There is some wishful thinking out there that this time your vote for Republicans […]

  • AA033265
    Tax those corporations?
    Posted in: Taxation

    The Left is excited about this idea. Corporate taxes used to generate a much larger share of taxes, but since the 1980s, corporations pay only about 10% of taxes. To the liberal mind, this is inexcusable. This is what liberals thinks corporations look like. Finding and taxing that guy is a notoriously hard problem. But, taxing corporations is not […]

  • YoungReagan
    This Week In Stupid: Electing Republicans shrinks the government
    Posted in: Economics, Taxation

    In 2003, I was a Republican and yet the idea of the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and the Presidency made my blood run cold. At that time, George W. Bush had inherited a budget surplus. Liberals are fond of pointing this out claiming it as proof of the efficacy of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, but […]